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Waffles is a Horned Toad and a citizen of Dirt. He is dressed in a white shirt, a brown vest and wears a white hat. He is optimistic and happy-go-lucky. He also seems to be quite young.

== Role in the film

Waffles Aguirre

Full Name

Waffles Aguirre Carranza

Date of Birth

April 3 1947




Horned Toad




He is first seen as one of the patrons in the bar of Dirt, watching when Rango enters and is one of the first to be impressed by the chameleon's tall tales. He is later seen to have been chosen to be in Rango's posse when the water in the bank was, supposedly, stolen by the mole Balthazar and his family. Waffles, along with the rest of the possse, ventured down into the underground tunnels made by Balthazar's two sons, which eventualy leads to the pipe that used to pump water for the townsfolk, which they then follow too an Aquifer, which Waffles asks what an Aquifer was for, and is told by Buford that it was "fer aqua", to which Waffles replies "Ohhh. Well, its empty now."

When the men reach the surface and discover a small, empty, pool surrounded by dry and dead Spanish needles, Waffles discovers a canteen, which is then prominently fought over by some of the men until it is revealed to be empty. They then discover Mr. Merrimac's lifeless body just a few feet away, and is surprised when the Doc reveals that Mr. Merrimac died, not from a gunshot, but from drowning, which surprises them all. When Beans asks if they should bury him, one of the members of the posse says that "the birds have to eat too", to which Waffles agrees saying "Its the Circle of Life".

Information of Waffles

Date of Birth: April 3 1947.

Origin: Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico.

Complete Name: Waffles Aguirre Carranza.

Sex: Male.

Race: Lizard.

Specie: Animal.

Civil Status: Divorced.

Height: 1.45 Centimeters.

Occupation: Barman.

Nationality: Mexican.

Complexion: Fat.

Weight: 80 Kilos.

Age: 65 Years.

Father: Juan Aguirre.

Mother: Lupita Carranza.

Brother: Giovanni Aguirre.

Sister: Adriana Aguirre.

Wife: Melissa Rodriguez.

Sons: Waffles Aguirre Jr. and Vladimir Aguirre.

Daughter: Lorena Aguirre.