The Red Tailed Hawk is a hawk and a minor antagonist in the film Rango. The hawk has a metal beak meaning she probably lost it during a clash.
Original Hawk Concept Art

Hawk Original Artwork

Role in the Film

Rango met the Hawk for the first time when he was wandering in the Mojave Desert, when the Hawk was predating. The chameleon barely avoided a death at the bird's talon.

Later, the Hawk appeared in behind of Rango again in Dirt, during the latter's duel. With incredible luck, Rango killed the Hawk by causing an gravel-filled water tower to fall and crush the bird, and reveal her feet. She was later cooked up.

The Hawk was feared by everyone in Dirt, including Rattlesnake Jake. Therefore, killing the Hawk lend to Rango being accepted as a hero in the town and becoming the new sheriff.


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