Spoons Hawaiian Color Design

Spoons Hawaiian Color Design,by Crash McCrerry

Spoons is voiced by Alex Managuan

Role in the Film

A spirited old geezer from the old days, Spoons is an old prospector mouse, from Dirt. In the movie he is shown to like Rango a lot. He also seems to enjoy spoons (tool) which could have gotten his name. He also has Prostate Cancer.

Information about Spoons

Date of Birth- July 10, 1930

Origin- Cleveland, Ohio

Complete name- Jameson "Spoons" Willis

Sex- Male

Race- Mouse

Civil Status- Married

Height- 1.2 in.

Occupation- Miner

Language- American

Nationality- American

Complexion- Fat

Weight- 24 lbs.

Age- 84 years

Diplomacy- Ally

Father- Benny Willis

Mother- Bryanna Willis

Sons- Arnold, Vector, and Teddy Willis

Wife- Yolanda Fields

Pet- Felix the Fly

Spoons Final Color Design

Spoons Final Color Design,by Crash McCrerry

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