Rattlesnake Jake

Rattlesnake Jake

Rattlesnake Jake: "Do what he says! Or by all the fires of the Black Pit, I'll squeeze them pretty brown eyes out of yer skull!"
The Mayor: "Now hold on, Jake, there's no need for--"
Rattlesnake Jake: "Let me do my job! You brought me in now we're gonna play this thing out to the end! Sign the damn paper, woman!"
Beans: "Go to hell!"
Rattlesnake Jake: "Where d'you think I come from? Look into my eyes, I wanna see you die."
— Rattlesnake Jake talking with the Mayor and Beans

Rattlesnake Jake is the (former) secondary antagonist of Rango. He is a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and has yellow-orange-red eyes. The dark scales along his upper lip resemble a mustache.

He was voiced by Bill Nighy.

Infomation about Ratttlesnake Jake

Rattlesnake Jake Douglas

Full Name

Rattlesnake Jake Douglas

Date of Birth

August 16, 1980




Western Diamondback Rattlesnake


U.S. American






35 years


Selena Douglas

Civil Status


Origin: Flagstaff, Arizona, United States.

Height: 1.70 Centimeters.

Language: English.

Weight: 57 Kilos.

Money: $1950.

Role in the Film

And now, I get to play Rattlesnake Jake, and he's pretty scary. I love the way he looks. You know, if you're gonna be a snake, and if you're drawn by Crash, you're in good shape.

Bill Nighy, Jake's actor, describing Jake.

In the film Rango, Rattlesnake Jake first appeared when he was called by the Mayor, coming face-to-face with Rango for the first time, since the Mayor feared that Rango was getting close to discovering what his true plans were. Jake quickly humiliated the chameleon by exposing his lies (which Rango had told to make himself look like a heroic figure) in front of all the people of Dirt, causing him to leave the town in shame.

Before all of this happened, Jake's mother died from being shot by Amos.  When that happened, his heart turned dark and later killed the old sheriff Sheriff Amos as his revenge for the death of his mother.

Later, Jake was seen trying to force Beans to sell her ranch, threatening to crush her to death if she refused. Before he could take her life, he was interrupted by Rango, who had come back to the town to help his friends and stop the Mayor's plans. Rango challenged Jake to a duel, during which he fell into Rango's trap and was catapulted into the air by a water spout. After a rough landing, he angrily turned on Rango, threatening to blow him to kingdom come, but was sent running for cover when the huge shadow of a hawk passed over him. This was was only momentary however, as he quickly realized that the "hawk" was nothing but a bunch of bats flying in formation. Jake then went on the attack, shooting the bats and their riders out of the sky. But this was done without thinking; he soon ran out of ammo and turned to find himself looking down the barrel of Rango's six-shooter. At first, Jake taunted him, stating that he doesn't got the nerve to kill him, but Rango responded to Jake to challenge him if he thinks otherwise. Seeing the "killer in his eyes" Jake realized that Rango really intended to shoot him.

Just as Rango prepared to claim victory, he was interrupted by the Mayor, whose men still held Beans at gun-point, forcing Rango to surrender himself and his gun to the Mayor. Later, after trapping Rango and Beans in the flooding bank vault, the Mayor took out Rango's gun and turns on Jake, revealing that he was merely using Jake as a pawn and that the outlaw is no longer of use to him. He explained that his dream of the New West has no room for gunslingers anymore, and that Jake must die along with the rest of the town to make room, stating that soon no one will believe he even existed. But when he pulled the trigger to dispose of the rattlesnake, the gun merely clicked. It turned out that the sole bullet was taken by Rango, who then used it to break the glass-bottle bank filled with water, flooding the room. As a result, the Mayor and his men were washed out of of the Bank, while Rango, Beans and Jake were saved from the Mayor's wrath.

Having defeated the Mayor for good, Rango angrily turned him over to Jake, who stood gazing at the bullet Rango used to stop the Mayor. Upon remembering the statement Rango made about the single bullet earlier, Jake realized that Rango is not so bad after all. As a act of respect, Jake acknowledged Rango to be a worthy opponent for saving his life, assuring that he will thrive as another great desert legend. Having developed a newfound respect to Rango, Jake turned his rage toward the Mayor and mocked him by repeating the same words he had said to him. "Pretty soon, no one will believe you even existed." Jake then violently dragged the Mayor into the desert to kill him for his betrayal.

Rattlesnake Jake's further fate is unknown.

Fighting Style

He has a Gatling gun (made up of different sized revolver cylinders) for a tail because his rattle was shot off by the legendary sheriff, Wyle Slurff, in the Battle of the Mojave Desert.

He is known to be the leader of the group of bandits and is constantly called in by the mayor to kill the sheriff once the he has wind of the vile tortoise's plans.

Personality and Abilities

Like many antagonists, Rattlesnake Jake exhibits significant anti-social behaviors.

He is extremely cruel and vicious; he is constantly seen using violence to threaten others, and shows no apparent mercy to his victims. For example, he used a death threat in an attempt to force Beans into selling her ranch, and said that he wanted to see her die when she refused. He even defied the Mayor when the old man tried to speak up against Jake's excessive use of force. This suggested that his primary motivation to work with the Mayor is more likely that he wanted the chance to cause some chaos rather than money.

Despite this, Jake does seem to have a more sophisticated side. While incredibly deadly in battle, he also seems to be very familiar with utilizing fear, humiliation, and power-plays by speaking ominously deep-voiced to get inside his enemy's heads. This was shown in the film as he openly shamed Rango in front of all people in Dirt and managed to keep everyone paralyzed with fear using only words and his frightening presence. This suggests that he can be quite manipulative. He is also shown to be incredibly perceptive. Consider the fact that when the hill folks disguised themselves as a hawk in an attempt to scare him, he quickly discovered that it was a trick just by noting a very minor mistake they made. The combination of manipulativeness and perceptiveness suggests an intelligence far beyond that of a simple thug.

Apart from this, Jake is an incredible shot. A prime example of this was shown when he was seen for the first time in the film; he shot down the Sheriff sign with a Gatling gun, without damaging anything or anyone else. This is quite impressive considering the fact that Gatling guns are known for their high firepower and poor accuracy.

It can be inferred that Jake possesses some good information gathering skills. When he met Rango for the first time he knew all about the stories he told to make himself famous and that they were all lies (though the mayor might have told him). He also knew about the story the Rango told about them being brothers, despite the fact that neither he nor the mayor was likely anywhere near the posse when that story was told. He also knew which of the citizens of Dirt that Rango cared about the most, proven when he threatened Beans and Priscilla.

Like all diamondback rattlesnakes, he can inject venom with his fangs, but strangely he never used this as a weapon in the film. He is also considerably larger than most other characters in physical size. In the Rango video game he was shown to have a very durable body, proven by an attack in which he slams his body onto the ground with enough force to crack it. The game also showed that he is good at burrowing.

Despite Jake's ability of intimidating others, it is shown that he has an intense fear of hawks, since hawks are known to prey on rattlesnakes, and Jake would usually hide away whenever a hawk is spotted on sight, cowering in fear of being eaten by it. It is also revealed that the hawk that Rango killed was the one that Jake feared the most along with the other animals of Dirt. Rango incorporated this fact by having the hill folks to create an illusion of the hawk to scare Jake as a successful diversion to open the pipeline until Jake learns of the trick.

In contrast to his assertive, inflexible and violent demeanor, Jake has also shown himself to have a sense of honor and dignity, and even occasionally shows a somewhat kind and humble side. At the end when Jake rose up and growled at the Mayor, he noticed the solitary bullet from Rango's gun lying on the ground, which was both what could have killed him and what saved them all. He then nodded his head to him and considered him to be a true legend like himself before carrying the Mayor off to his fate.


  • "Long time "brother"... how ya been keepin'?"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "This is my town now. If I ever see you again I will drag your soul straight down to hell"!
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Jake: "Sign the damn paper, woman!"
  • Beans: "Go to hell"!
  • Jake: "Where do you think I'm from?"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "I'm gonna blow so many holes in you, yer guts'll be leaking lead!!"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • (mocking the Mayor) "Pretty soon no one will believe you even existed!"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "You're gonna kill me little man?"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "One bullet? I'll tip my hat to you, one legend to another" - Jake respecting Rango for his heroic act


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