Rattlesnake Jake: "Do what he says! Or by all the fires of the Black Pit, I'll squeeze them pretty brown eyes out of yer skull!"
The Mayor: "Now hold on, Jake, there's no need for--"
Rattlesnake Jake: "Let me do my job! You brought me in now we're gonna play this thing out to the end! Sign the damn paper, woman!"
Beans: "Go to hell!"
Rattlesnake Jake: "Where d'you think I come from? Look into my eyes, I wanna see how you die."
— Rattlesnake Jake talking with the Mayor and Beans
Rattlesnake Jake
Rattlesnake Jake
The serpent Jake, with also his machine-gun rattle


Jake, Grim Reaper, Serpentine Devil




Rattlesnake (Western Diamondback)


Bandit (Assassin)

Civil Status





Unknown. Rango initially told to the entire Dirt that Jake was his brother, but it was a lie.


Deadly accuracy in shooting with his machine.gun rattle, powerful strenght in his serpentine body, deadly poison in his fangs

Rattlesnake Jake is the redeemed secondary antagonist of Rango and will be the deuteragonist of Rango 2. He is a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake and he's a feared assassin. He was initially an hitman for the Mayor but later the turtle betrayed Jake, so the serpent killed him. After doing this, Jake returned into the desert and continued to have his bandit lifestyle.

Role in the Film

And now, I get to play Rattlesnake Jake, and he's pretty scary. I love the way he looks. You know, if you're gonna be a snake, and if you're drawn by Crash, you're in good shape.

Bill Nighy, Jake's actor, describing Jake.

Rattlesnake Jake debuts when Rango try to calm Dirt's people and his friends, on that point the outlaw mercenary arrives in the town and start to try begin a fight with Rango. He mockingly asks to Rango of shot him with his pistol with one shot (thing who the sheriff say of being able to do) but Rango shows of being scared to shoot him and Jake reveal to the people who Rango lying about his adventures humiliating him and call him a "trickster" and "coward", then he haunt away from the town Rango and start to rule the town with the Major and his henchmens. At that point Jake and Major John kidnaps Rango's love interest, the female iguana Beans, and Major John try to convince her to gave to him his family's ranch and call his father a "bergain". This make Beans angry and her throws the water on Major John face and refuses to gave to him his ranch. Then Jake threatens Beans and try to force her to gave his ranch to the Major but an answer Beans insult him and refuses but then Jake prepares to kill Beans. However before he can kill her Rango returns and stop him, Jake exit from the caveu and they start to fight for Dirt. Jake finds out who Rango tricked him to making him going on the point where the water exit and on that point thanks to Rango and the moles the water back to Dirt and then Jake is flushed away making him fall much away from the city. However Jake stop to falling and finish again to Dirt right in front of Rango and Jake say to him who he is going to kill him with his guins but Rango say who he having a hawk as an ally.

Jake escape scared and try to repair but discovers who is not a hawk but only bats and start to shoot to them despite the moles luckily escaping alive to safe but Jake discovers who was only a method from making him distrappted and making finish his gun's shots, on that moment Rango say who he is going to kill him with his pistol and with only one shot, Jake say to him who he not have the courage to do that but when Rango say "try me" with killer's eyes he understand who he now have the courage for killing him, Jake is shocked and is surprised from the craftiness and intelligence of Rango and start to respect him.

The major try to betray Jake and try to kill him but Rango have the one bullet and use that to free himself and Beans.

Rango, Beans, Jake, Major John and his henchmens fall out the sink bank and finish in the street of the town where Rango face the treacherous Major John who cowardly try to convince Rango to leave him alone but Rango gave the evil Major John to a revengful Jake who after having see the one bullet he riconcile with Rango and respects him saying to him "One bullet, I take my hat to, one legend to another" and then he angrily take the Major and take him with him in desert and out of town where he will kill him for his betrayal.


Rattlesnake Jake

Rattlesnake Jake

Jake is a western diamonback rattlesnake, and he has literally the same appearance of the real species. He has also the typical fangs of the rattlesnakes, which contain deadly venom, and a snake black tongue. His eyes are red with some yellow-orange parts, and he has a "moustache" made by some black scales on his upper lip. He has a black cowboy hat on his head and a lot of bullet bands on his body. A gattling gun artificial rattle replaces his natural rattle, which he surely have lost in a battle.(probably with the Hawk).

Fighting Style

The major weapon of the Rattlesnake Jake is a gattling gun, which is located on his tail and appears to be a replacement for the rattle which he probably lost (it's unknow how).

Jake can shot with this weapon with both speed and accuracy. A prime example of this was shown when he was seen for the first time in the film; he shot down the Sheriff sign with his Gatling gun, without damaging anything or anyone else. This is quite impressive considering the fact that Gatling guns are known for having really poor accuracy.

Like all diamondback rattlesnakes, he can inject a strong venom with his fangs: in the film his poison is seen only one time, when Jake arrives to Dirt and meets Rango for the first time: the serpent puts a glass on his fangs and fullfills it with his venom in order to show the chameleon how deadly his fangs are, but then he throws the poisonus glass away because he wanted only to demonstrate Rango how deadly he is.

Jake never used again the poison in the film,he doesn't use it as a weapon in the film. However, he probably used his venom as a weapon for killing the Mayor John before kidnapping and taking him in the desert, but this happens out-screen so it's not a totally sure thing.

Besides of all this, he has also a really powerful body. His snake coils are strong and deadly, and it's really impossibile to escape them once a prey is captured. During the film he used them often, for example when it menaces Beans in front of the Mayor and when he captures the Mayor and brings him in the desert to kill him.


Like many antagonists, Rattlesnake Jake exhibits significant anti-social behaviors: he is cruel and vicious; he is mostly seen using violence to threaten others, and shows no mercy to his victims.

Unlike a common mercenary, who kills people only for cash and not for fun, Jake is sadistic and loves his job trying to use more possible violence. Infact when Beans refused to sell her ranch to Mayor John, the turtle ordered Jake to menace the lizard in order to force the her to do it. So, the serpent attacked Beans coiling her and menacing to kill her, having fun to do this. The Mayor didn't agree with his too violent method and told Jake to stop but the serpent was fed up about these words and said to the Mayor that he called him so he now must do his complete job, so Jake continued to be violent with the lizard.

As a badass western gunslinger, Jake has also a strong sense of honour and really respects fighters he considers skilled and brave enough to compete with him. Infact, when Rango saved him and the entire village using "only a bullet" he recognized his skills and congratulated with Rango saying he's a legend like him.

It can be inferred that Jake possesses some good information gathering skills. When he met Rango for the first time he knew all about the stories he told to make himself famous and that they were all lies (though the mayor might have told him). He also knew about the story the Rango told about them being brothers, despite the fact that neither he nor the mayor was likely anywhere near the posse when that story was told. He also knew which of the citizens of Dirt that Rango cared about the most, proven when he threatened Beans and Priscilla.


  • "Long time "brother"... how ya been keepin'?"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "This is my town now. If I ever see you again I will drag your soul straight down to hell"!
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Jake: "Sign the damn paper, woman!"
  • Beans: "Go to hell"!
  • Jake: "Where do you think I'm from?"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "I'm gonna blow so many holes in you, yer guts'll be leaking lead!!"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • (mocking the Mayor)What was that you said..? "Pretty soon no one will believe you even existed!"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "You're gonna kill me little man?"
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • "One bullet...I tip my hat to you, one legend to another" - Jake respecting Rango for his heroic act


  • It's unknow how Jake have lost his rattle-tail, but it can be happened while fighting the Hawk in the past and being injured. Infact, the bird has a steel artificial beak: probably both animals have lost a part of the body in the fight and for this reason none could win on the other. Jake has also a strong fear of hawks, and this reinforces the theory. However, this is not said in the film and remains a theory.
  • It's also possible that the serpent just voluntarily "modified" the rattle of this tail in order to do that lethal deadly machine-gun. However it's unknown how and where he modified it.
  • Rattlesnake Jake may be based on Angel Eyes (played by the late Lee Van Cleef) from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Both wear similar black cowboy hats, hold prominent mustaches and share similar personality traits and dialect. Angel Eyes was the arch-nemesis of the Man with No Name, aka the Spirit of the West, in that same film, similar to Jake being Rango's nemesis. There is a difference though; unlike Angel Eyes, Jake has a sense of honor and dignity.
  • The upper part Jake's body is covered with additional bullet bands. But due to the lack of arms, it is unknown how is he able to reload his rattle gun (although he may have asked for assitance, or probably uses his mouth)
  • Bill Nighy and Johnny Depp work together in Pirates of the Caribbean film series, as the antagonist Davy Jones and protagonist Captain Jack Sparrow, respectively.
  • Rattlesnake Jake also shares some traits with Davy Jones considering them being played by the same actor, including speech patterns, how they move their head when they talk etc.