Background information
Feature films Rango
Video games
Voice Johnny Depp
Character information
Full name Rango Vazquez Gutierrez
Gender Male
Origin Durango, Durango, Mexico
Species Animal
Occupation Sheriff
Color Green
Eyes Yellow
Friends Beans (girlfriend)
Enemies Mayor, Rattlesnake Jake (formerly)
Quote Rango is crying as baby

Rango is the titular protagonist of the film Rango and Rango 2. He is a Chameleon who was once a pet but gets lost and must survive in the desert. Most of the film revolves around Rango discovering what his real purpose in life is.


Rango, is a young lizard of 17 years of age, While the conflict of the movie is the water shortage in Dirt, it is Rango who provides the narrative, plot, and character for the film. Presumably spending his entire life in a cage without anyone to interact with, Rango is an eccentric, imaginative, thespian character that talks to inanimate objects rather then living things. It is unknown whether or not Rango has a name before his life in Dirt. He made a rumour that he killed the Jenkins Brothers

Rango is the Grandson of Alberto Vazquez, Once he gets lost in the desert Rango uses his acting ability to socialize with the creatures of Dirt by saying that he is an adventurous drifter. When responsibility dawns on him and his lie revealed Rango realizes that his part he chooses to play, is his identity, which was in his heart all along, he then ends up saving Dirt and earning the name of a hero, Rango is crying because a tornado destroyed the ranch.

The Spirit of the West said "No man can walk out of his own story." Rango becomes Rango when he becomes 'nothing' and '....does it for them.'

Rango's Revolver

The gun that Rango wields throughout the movie is a Colt Single Action Army revolver, given to him by Bad Bill before they have a stand-off.   The gun is incorrectly depicted as having a swing-out cylinder.



Rango's Status

Full Name: Rango Vazquez Gutierrez.

Origin: Durango, Durango, Mexico.

Birthday: September 16, 1993.

Actual Place: Rancho El Bandido, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico.

Race: Chameleon.

Species: Lizard.

Sex: Male.

Civil Status: Married to Beans.

Age: 20 Years.

Occupation: Actor/Playwright.

Nationality: Mexican.

Alias: The Truck, Seguaro.

Height: 1.64 Meters (which is impossible, because he is chameleon)

Weight: 50 Kilos (which is also impossible, because he is chameleon)

Money: $5,000,000.

Father: Juan Vazquez.

Mother: Mariana Gutierrez.

Sister: Ana Carolina Vazquez.

Wife: Beans Sanchez.

Female Dog: Vanellope Vazquez. (Chihuahua)

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