is a fanfiction character made up by G.R.13. Nigel Ferret the Weaslin' Stoat was unidentified animal thief Rango have encountered.Nigel was given the nicname because he was often mistaken for a ferret,a weasel,or a stoat. Nigel had led a crew of former corsairs and mercanaries which consisted of either loyal rogues or captured vagabonds.Some say his crew consisted of supernatural animals in his crew,like the fact that his former quartermaster which was a platypus or his gunner which was a jackalope. According to Beans,Nigel's crew were former Mutineers that rebelled against their land,therefore nigel's crew is called The Mutinist Crew of The Death Spear.Nigel challenged Rango to a showdown.soon when the match started,Nigel was able to disarm Rango.Feeling disgraced, Rango left. soon he came back upon hearing about Nigel's plunder.Rango challenged Nigel to a showdown.He immediantly gunned down the ferret,or weasel,or stoat,(OR WHATEVER THE HECK HE IS!>:[). Upon seeing their captain dead,led by the Quartermaster,the crew fled into the desert whiile some stayed behind to redeem themselves. Later when Rango goes wandering in the desert he finds The Quartermaster lying dead in the hot sun with the rest of the dead crew,showing that they got lost in the desert and died.

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