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Mr Black

Role in the Film

Mr. Black is (fittingly) a Southern Black Widow spider (note the hourglass on his abdomen) who works on coffins and tombstones on the town of Dirt. He is also seen at the end of the Extended Version of the film rowing a boat out in the water which also appears to have been one of his coffins.


Mr. Black has a top hat, and glasses. He also has a mustache and a black (possibly leather) coat.

Information about Mr. Black

Date of Birth- August 5,1985

Origin- Brazil, South America

Complete Name- Tom Black

Gender- Man

Race- Spider

Species- Animal

Civil Status- Married

Height- 1.5 in.

Occupation- Coffin Maker

Language- Unknown (Does not speak)

Nationality- Brazilian

Complexion- Normal

Weight- 12.3 lbs.

Age- 31

Diplomacy- Normal

Father- Pat Black

Mother- Mabel Black

Brother- Vector Black

Sister- Penny Black

Daughter- Candy Black

Wife- Avery Celice