Mister Snuggles (left) and Darwin the North American porcupine (right).

Snuggles is a 21 year old Porcupine who lives in the town of Dirt.

Snuggles was played by Stephen Root, who also played Mr. Merrimack and Doc the "Jackrabbit in July!".

Design and role in the film

But what is the most interesting element, detail of a porcupine? It's his spike, right? So the combination of the spikes, his outfit and his expression, unless I tell you it's a porcupine, you won't know. It's a completely different thing that hadn't been seen before. You kind of invent as you go along. You invent every single thing.

— Eugene Yelchin speaking about Snuggles.


Sketch of Snuggles

Snuggles was designed and drawn by Eugene Yelchin.

Rango first encounters Snuggles when he is imitating the animals of Dirt. Snuggles was walking and spit in the dirt, wiped his mouth and kept walking. Rango found it hard to imitate him.

He was seen again when Cletus, the raccoon boy, had hollered that they had returned.

He was also seen after Rango was humiliated by Jake, and was seen when he returned.

He was seen for a final time when Dirt became Mud, when someone had let him into a pool and he popped it and sank.


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