Melonee is a very minor character in Rango. She is a frog who is voiced by Kym Whitley.

Role in the Film

Melonee is first seen in the Gas Can Saloon, playing the piano. Melonee is then seen saying hi to the sheriff. She is finally seen in the extra scene complaining about Mister Snuggles. She works a part time job as a bar dancer and a music player at the bar. She also has gotten a lot of breats injections.


Date of Birth- March 3, 1995

Origin- Harlem, New York

Complete Name- Melonee Gorden

Sex- Woman

Race- Frog

Civil Status- Married

Height- 3 in.

Occupation- Bar dancer/Piano Player

Language- Southern

Nationality- Southern

Complexion- Fat

Weight- 31 pounds

Age- 19 years

Diplomacy- Ally

Father- David Gorden

Mother- Aya Gorden

Sister- Hallie Gorden

Husband- Jerry Snuggles