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Horned Lizard in Mojave Desert

The Horned Lizard has many names, the Horned lizard, the Horned Toad, the Horny Toad Lizard, the Horned Toad Lizard. Waffles is one of these.

About the Horned Lizard

Okay, quick pop quiz. Both of these are called toads, but one of them's a lizard, and the other one's an amphibian. Any ideas? This is a Horned Toad or Horned Lizard. Now, the Horned Lizard or Horned toad gets it's name because it has that pudgy appearance the, rounded nose, and if you look at it's body shape, it's almost identical to a toad, but it's not a toad at all. It's, in fact, a lizard. And what these guys do is, when they're scared, they'll make themselves almost twice the size and blow themselves up . And, if you look, those spikes on the back of it's neck, even though they look dangerous, are actually not that bad at all. The Horned Toad Lizard, many people call them the "Horny Toad Lizard," they're able to restrict blood flow in the eye, so eventually the eye bursts, and blood shoots straight into it's attacker with uncanny accuracy.