Role in the Film

Elgin is a Lynx or Bobcat and a citizen of Dirt. He is very sneaky, and is quiet sometimes. That is becasue he had a stroke when he was just 15. Elgin helps Rango go get back the water, and is seen in the extra ending, sitting in the sun.


Elgin has long whiskers with a hat. He aslo has light brown coat with buttons, and a blackish face.

Information about Elgin

Date of Birth- January 5, 1991

Origin- Ontario, Canada

Complete Name- Elgin Austin Jfene

Sex- Man

Race- Lynx or Bobcat

Civil Status- Girlfriend

Height- 1.4 feet

Occupation- No Job

Language- Canadian

Nationality- Canadian

Complexion- Skinny

Weight- 34 lbs.

Age- 23 years old

Diplomacy- Occasional Ally

Father- Benson Jfene

Mother- Madonna Jfene

Brother- Ansel Jfene

Sister- Alice Jfene

Son- Gore Jfene

Daughters- Dory and Vonnie Jfene

Girlfriend- Emilia Foster