The Eastern Sidewinder is The Western Diamondback Rattlesnake's cousin.

Sidewinder Facts

They're called sidewinders and you can see why they get that name because of this crazy locomotion strategy that they have, and that's to have as little of body on the ground as possible because of the blazing heat. They're also called "horned rattlesnakes", and the reason for that, let Don show you. If you look on top of his little eyes, he's got those perfect little horns, which makes him look like a little devil. Their tail is basically made out of keratin, which is the same thing that's in your finger nails, and each time a snake sheds its skin, it gets another little nodule at the end, and you can see there, at the end, he's shed his skin a lot. These guys are almost white in coloration because they wanna reflect as much heat and light as possible. Like most desert animals, rattlesnakes in the desert don't get extremely big 'cause there's not a lot of food, there's not a lot of water, And there's not a lot of things to go around and eat. So these guys are basically staying a lot smaller as their cousins that live in rainforests and other areas. So, Don's gonna let this little guy go, and while he does, the filmmakers of Rango are gonna tell us some of the inspirations for the characters of the film.