"This dead!" 

- Doc telling the people of Dirt that the Hawk is dead. 

Docis a jack rabbit who is the doctor of the town of Dirt. Doc seems to drink a lot. 

He is voiced by Stephen Root

Role in the Film

Doc is a doctor, good with telling what happened to creatures (like when he said the Mr. Merramick and the Hawk were both dead.) He has an unclear, mumbling voice. Doc is seen over-served in a bar, and is seen drinking often. He is first seen asleep when Rango enters the bar. He is then seen in the crowd of people during the Water Ritual, and is seen in the mob. He later accompanies Rango and gang to go get the water back. The final scene he is buried by Priscilla and her posse.


Doc is seen with only one ear, with very dirty fur. He has a white shirt with black overalls, and has some crooked whiskers. 


Doc is mostly neutral, not saying mean or nice things. At the end though, he is seen to get mad at when Priscilla knocked him in the cheek with a stick. 

Information about Doc

Date of Birth- September 3, 1970

Origin- Houston, Texas

Complete Name- Doc Kenny 

Gender- Male

Race- Jack rabbit

Species- Animal

Civil Status- Married 

Height- 4.6 in. 

Occupation- Doctor

Language- American

Nationality- American

Complexion- Chubby 

Weight- 37 pounds

Age- 44 years 

Diplomacy- Neutral 

Father- Dallas Kenny

Mother- Margaret Kenny

Brothers- Quentin and Denise Kenny 

Sister- Veronica Kenny

Wife- Coraline Pegg 

Son- Horace Kenny 

Daughter- Fineea Kenny