Rango And The Mayor Overlooking The Town Of Dirt

Dirt is a town filled with many animals led by the mayor Tortoise John (the chief adversary). They get ready for water every wednesday at noon. It was founded by Richard Harrison, a Meerkat.

In the extended version of the film, the town is renamed "Mud".

Places at Dirt

- Bank of Dirt

- Gas Can Saloon

- Mayors Office

- Post Office

- Mr. Black's Coffins

- General Store

- Oil Company

- Dirt School 1

- Sport Store

- Cigar Inc.


- Richard Harrison (Meerkat) 1478-1499

- Jose Blinkine (Burrowing Owl) 1500-1545

- Henrietta Farme (Chicken) 1547-1582

- Ronald Roster (Garden Snake) 1685-1743

- Wayne Parks (Cat) 1745-1795

- Rose Davenson (Naked Mole Rat) 1800-1854

- Georgi Bent (Scorpion) 1855-1878

- Tyler Tinzel (Fox) 1880-1934

- Tortise John (Tortise) 1935- 2013

- Rango (Lizard) 2013-?

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