Rango 05

Bad Bill and his fellow gunslingers

Bad Bill is the tertiary antagonist of Rango, the main antagonist being Tortoise John.

Information of Bad Bill.

Date of Birth: August 5 1932.

Origin: Tucson, Arizona, United States.

Complete Name: Bill Carlton Murphy.

Sex: Man.

Race: Lizard.

Specie: Animal.

Civil Status: Divorced.

Height: 1.96 Centimeters.

Occupation: Bandit.

Alias: The Egyptian.

Nationality: Mexican.

Language: English and Spanish.

Complexion: Fat.

Weight: 96 Kilos.

Age: 81 Years.

Diplomacy: Enemy.

Father: Marlon Carlton.

Mother: Angelica Murphy.

Brothers: Kevin Carlton, Philip Carlton and George Carlton.

Sisters: Jennifer Carlton and Laura Carlton.

Wife: Elena Hice.

Sons: Pedro Carlton, William Carlton and Joseph Carlton.

Money: $70.

Bad Bill is seen to be "gruff" in the movie. He's very rude and suprisingly cruel, as he was willing to shoot Rango. Bad Bill is also somewhat cowardly.

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